Chicago Supply Chain Jobs We Are Always Seeking Top Candidates For:

\r\nFor our more discreet and executive job searches, we’re seeking VPs of Supply Chain, VPs of Distribution, Executive Supply Chain Managers, and more in the Chicago area or those wanting to relocate to Chicago.\r\n\r\nFor the mid-level job searches, we’re seeking more positions at the managerial level, such as Purchasing and Logistics Managers. Across all of types of searches that we offer, Chicago has several supply chain openings in the consumer product goods industry, retailers, product distributors, food and beverage sector, automotive industry, and aerospace industry, along with our clients seeking supply chain professionals and executives around the globe.\r\n\r\nWe, and all of our clients, recognize the immense value of a skilled professional who can come into a company and instantly enhance its supply chain. Because of that, we are constantly searching for supply chain professionals across all sectors and levels, especially in Chicago.\r\n\r\nFor our current and future job openings, submit your resume for our supply chain recruiters and supply chain executive search consultants for review. Below are our most common supply chain job openings in Chicago and North America.\r\n
Supply Chain Jobs Chicago 
\r\n\r\nSupply Chain Education & Experiences Accepted:\r\n\r\nThis is a posting for current and future openings that we may have for supply chain jobs for our clients in Chicago and around North America. Feel free to upload your resume at any time as many of our job openings are not public and new ones are always beings added. ","datePosted":"2016-01-21T17:17:33","validThrough":null,"employmentType":null,"industry":null,"qualifications":null,"responsibilities":null,"skills":null,"workHours":null,"hiringOrganization":{"@type":"Organization","name":"JMJ Phillip","sameAs":"https://jmjphillip.com"},"jobLocationType":null,"applicantLocationRequirements":[{"@type":"Country","name":""}]}