Supply Chain Executive Search Firm Services

In the late 1990’s we said we could establish a name as we go, and since then The JMJ Phillip Group has become the leading Supply Chain Executive Search Firm in North America. Deep, Detroit Manufacturing and supply chain roots would only guarantee we could talk the talk when it came to supply chain executive search.

When Supply Chain Executive Recruiters talk Supply Chain, they use terms such as Logistics and Procurement, an integral part of supply indeed.

But we often think about the Supply Chain Director sending supplier quality engineers out for an audit, packaging and 2D labeling issues based on ridiculous customer EDI. Or even worse, how to manage the WIP filling up the racks in your distribution center because your ERP system botched production schedules.

You want a firm that understands when you say supply chain and production scheduling with SAP MM that you want someone with a materials background. You cannot afford to have a generalist search firm sending you resume with the buzz word “supply chain.”

With those minor problems aside, we spend an equal amount time on Supply Chain Executive Searches. When our clients call and say “we have a $1MM inventory shrink issue, please find us the top Supply Chain Vice President in the county,” not only did we say ok, we are able to successfully complete the search by placing the VP from their largest competitor ($11B Public Company).

But maybe you don’t have a shrink issue, maybe you are bringing all supply chain management operations back in house after having consultant and 3PL agreements. Who are you going to consider a trusted advisor to complete this mass hire project across dozens of states?

What you can expect when working with our Supply Chain Executive Search Firm:

  • Leading National Supply Chain Search Consultants Team
  • Responsible for high profile Discreet Supply Chain placements
  • Specialists in relocating talent around the world
  • Executive Recruiters with Supply Chain backgrounds and education
  • Deep understanding ERP \ MRP Supply Chain Requirements
  • Recruiting team is comprised of great negotiators and researchers
  • 15+ year history of identifying top 5% Supply Chain talent

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