"You do not lead by hitting people over the head- that's assault, not leadership."
Dwight D. Eisenhower

Local and National Executive Search Firm Services

The JMJ Phillip executive recruiters all share a common trait, and that is the ability to get a deal done. Many people associate executive recruiting with only the search aspect even though that is only a small part of the process. The key strength of our executive recruiters is not only attracting a senior executive to work for your company, but also precisely navigating the most difficult process of executive recruiting: negotiating an employment agreement.

When partnering with an executive search firm you want to feel comfortable knowing that not only will they be able find the perfect candidate, but they will also be there to walk you through the deal. In a perfect world a company puts an offer in front of an executive and they accept it. Knowing the volatility of the human dynamic, that happens far less than many hope for during a negotiation.

Working with a talented executive search consultant helps bridge the gap between employer and employee, as we are experts in negotiating while also offering a third party view. JMJ Phillip has spent more than a decade negotiating employment contracts and compensation packages with outstanding results.

Fact: An employer has a 38% greater chance of hiring the candidate they want when they work with an Executive Recruiter to negotiate a compensation package.

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Discreet Executive Search

Discreet Senior Level and C-Suite assignments are typically the most interesting searches. Executives and board members from around the world have trusted JMJ Phillip to execute projects in complete confidentiality. Special measures are taken to ensure information is well protected within our executive search group. This is the time for a retained search where you want to partner with a single trusted advisor. When working with The JMJ Phillip Group for discreet retained search services, the only time the public is going to know about your new executive is when your press release hits the wire.

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Turnaround Scenarios
  • Interim Executives
  • Startup and Rapid Growth

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